As I intend to earn my life making gay erotic art, I need some support. :)

So if you like what you see on this blog, don’t hesitate to donate… So I could devote more time to create new images, videos, etc..
You don’t need a paypal account, a credit card is enough! :-)
I’m also opened to commissions, so don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for your image.

Commission price list

Send me an email!

Thanks, Alex.


Hello guys, and girls !! :-)

Here’s a new image I just finished. Just to show you a hairy dude… :-)

Hope you’ll like him.

I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the summer… Here in Paris, a heatwave is approaching.

Take a good care of yourself.

More to come soon.



Another commission.

Hello guys,

Yes, a second article in few hours. I also finished this artwork.

I won’t say much about the person who commissioned me on this, but… well…

Let’s stay polite.

Anyway, I think the image is cool. And I wanted to share it with you.

Hope you’ll like it. :-)



Gutpunch: A commission for Sam

Hello guys,

Here’s a commission I just finished for Sam. He wanted a gutpunching scene.

Hope you’ll like it as he does. :-) It’s good to have happy client! :-)

Take a good care of yourself and don’t hesitate to comment on the blog: It keeps the blog alive!! :-)

Thanks for your support.



It’s a hunk? It’s a stud? No, It’s Hyperguy! :-)

Hello everybody,

Here’s a quick render of a new character I’m working on. I wanted to create a super-hero.

I’m rendering also, as I’m writing this article, an animation, a turntable of him, so you can watch him under every angle.

It will be done for tomorrow, I think. So stay tuned!!

Hope you’ll like him. I will do other render with him, colored render with real skin, etc… I had a little technical problem with his skin for this one. Hard to explain, but for the colors, it will be for another time. :-)

And I will also do his civilian identity, of course! :-)

Tell me what you think of him.

And if you want your own Super-hero, don’t hesitate to contact me for a comission.



Ultrabeef, A commission for Geoffrey

Hello everyone,

Here’s my first finished commission.
It’s Ultrabeef, an original character of Geoffrey. He wanted to see his OC in 3D. Here he is!! :-)

As you can see, this character is bigger than my basic guy. :-)

The image is watermarked because it’s a commission.

If you’re interested in commissionning me, here’s the commission prices list.



Commission Price list

Commission price list: 

Existing nudes and posed characters with no background:
Clay (grey, no color): 100$
untitled33 copie 4
Color:  200$
-Creating a new character: Additional pricing depending on the changes of the face and/or body, however this can be negotiated.
-Character with clothes: Minimum 50$ additional (a brief for instance)
If you want more clothes, the price will depend on the complexity of the work.
-Background: From 50$ or more (negotiable depending on the complexity of the set)
-3D sculpt, 3D postcard:  More information coming soon, as I am working for the process.
Prices will be posted when available.
Prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the work.
Commissions will be posted on my blog with a watermark.
The client/patron will be the only one to have a watermark-free image.