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So if you like what you see on this blog, don’t hesitate to donate… So I could devote more time to create new images, videos, etc..
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Commission price list

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Commission Price list

Commission price list: 

Existing nudes and posed characters with no background:
Clay (grey, no color): 100$
untitled33 copie 4
Color:  200$
-Creating a new character: Additional pricing depending on the changes of the face and/or body, however this can be negotiated.
-Character with clothes: Minimum 50$ additional (a brief for instance)
If you want more clothes, the price will depend on the complexity of the work.
-Background: From 50$ or more (negotiable depending on the complexity of the set)
-3D sculpt, 3D postcard:  More information coming soon, as I am working for the process.
Prices will be posted when available.
Prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the work.
Commissions will be posted on my blog with a watermark.
The client/patron will be the only one to have a watermark-free image.

Just a test of clothing… And a little presentation of Marvelous deisgner

And a little fun for a pijama party !!

The clothing software, Marvelous designer is very powerful. You can create the clothe you want on a neutral pose (called a T pose) of your model and then, you import your model with a precised pose, and the software will calculate the tension of the fabrics, depending on its nature, its density, etc…

It’s a very powerful tool, implying a new way of working in 3D. Basically, it’s more tailoring and modelizing. :-)

You create the shape of your clothe in 2D. Then, decide which part has to be sewn with the other.

Finally, you start the simulation and the software calculates the tension and creates the folds.

You can after that, in real time, take a piece of fabric, and play with it (move it, stretch it…) to create new folds.

So no, I don’t sculpt the folds of the clothes with this software. It’s done automatically. :-) Just saying that because I received mails asking how I sculpted such amazing folds !! :-D Well, I didn’t !! :-)

And I’m posting a quick render test, mostly for the shader of cotton. I’m quite happy with it ! The Totoro pattern was just for fun !! :-)

I also post here few screen captures explaining more the process and some images of my latest test.

I’m working now on a pair of Jeans, a more complexe cloth to create.

Hope you’ll like it.

Don’t hesitate to leave some comments if you enjoy the images !! :-)

Oh, and I’m opened to commissions now. Ready to do some images for you !!

I’ll write an article dedicated to that, mostly explaining the prices.


1 2 3 4 5 6 MD1 MD2 MD3 MD4 MD5

Summer is coming !

Hello everyone,

Yes, Summer is coming and you know nothing… :-)

As you can see, I stopped working on too realistic character. I didn’t redo everything, just change the global proportions and the whole feeling of it… To have something funnier, cooler.

Hope you’ll like this image. It’s been a long time since I didn’t really post a real image.

I have a new workflow which going to make things more easily now.

And I discovered this great software to create clothing. It’s Marvelous designer, and it’s quite amazing, just scratching the surface of it for now but looks promising.

Oh, And I’m posting also a clay render of this guy… Because I guess you gonna like the details in the baggy shorts… :-D

Take a good care of yourself,

Alexuntitled33 copie 4 untitled40

Continuing the sculpt and starting the shader…

Hello guys,


I won’t be long because it’s very late here…

I’m working hard on my guy these days, I had some times.

I reworked his proportions a little, to have something more realistic… and less robotic.

ANd I started the shader of the skin.

On the images I(m posting here, no SSS for now, but I did some test and I hope i’ll be able to post something finished soon.


I did some renders for you. Hope you’ll like them.


And thanks for your kind messages and mails. :-) Yes, everything is going much better now.

And going back to work is a very good therapy ! :-)



untitled101 untitled100 untitled103 untitled104

A come back with some new stuff!

Hello everyone,


Yes, I know, it’s been ages since I posted here.

I’m sorry for that but these last monthes were quite… hummm… complicated.


I had to retreat a little from my work for personal reasons… It was quite a hard time but things are coming back to normal and it’s for the best! ;-)


So let’s go back to business. During this time, I didn’t post but I went on working.

The last model had a lot of flaws… And I didn’t like the alien proportions in the end.

So I restarted with a more “realistic” approach.


This is where I am with the sculpt.


I hope you’ll like it.


Don’t hesitate to comment or leave a message.

Oh, by the way, thanks for all the message of support during this time.


Take a good care of yourself.






Hi guys,


Thanks for your replies and mails !! :-) 

Well, I changed the hair for now, I still have to practice, I don’t think it was that realistic… 

But I guess I’ve found a way to have better results ! :-)

And I changed the shader of the skin using a new specular map. (It’s only done on the face for now.)

And I changed the shader of the hair on face, body. And I add some little white hair that give his skin a peach fuzz. :-) I can still adjust the setting to make them even smoother maybe.

But I think it gives a realistic touch.

I did the eyebrows and finished the eyelashes (with a new shader for them too…) :-)


I actually think he is sexier with short hair like this… But I have to practice for longer hair anyway !! :-)


Oh, and I posted also so screen captures to show how hair particules works in Blender. I received mails asking me how it was working.

It’s not just a slider that you move to adjust the hair. You can have some details on every capture ! :-) 

I’ll try to make some quick tests with variations in the settings to show different styles of hair and body hair. :-) 


Once again, thanks for your support. here, on Facebook, DeviantArt, etc. :-)