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The Hunter

Hello everyone,

Well, this is, I think, the most time consuming image I’ve spent time on… I never thought I would bring this image that far. It was just an anthro, manimal furry delirium… But it turned out to become a more advanced image that what I had in mind at first.

Hope you gonna like it…

Tell me what you think!! And if you find him a name, it’s cool because I just can’t… Or maybe I’m too tired. :-)

Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in Blender, hair system done in Blender too.

Take care,


Hunter copie

A start of something new…

Hello guys,

Well, This is something I never tried before: A furry guy…

I imagined a kind of white Tiger man… Not too tigerish… I like to see the man in it…

Anyway, I started yesterday night and the results were horrible!! But the test of this evening were much better.

Now, I need to push the sculpt a little further, and put more details in the fur and of course, continue the rest of the body!!

Hope you’ll like it.

It’s rendered with Cycles in Blender, as usual.

Take care,


PS : I changed my facebook profile into a Fan page today because of violation of Facebook policy as I was publishing Professional stuff on it.

If you had trouble finding me:

I’m not able to send message if you don’t send me one first (one of the stupid things of these fan pages…) so don’t hesitate to message me. :-)

DOn’t hesitate to tell me what you think of my Tiger Man. :-)/ I’ll have to find him a name…



Hello everyone,

Here’s a new image. I wanted to create a black guy.

I did once few years ago so here’s his new version, the new Curtis…. I think I’ll do another one.

There’s so many things I want to do.

It’s my first render with volumetric atmosphere… This is very promising. :-)

Hope you’ll like him.



Naked Justice for ClassComics

Hello guys,

Well, maybe this will lead to a future collaboration. We’ll see. But sharing this with Patrick Fillion, the creator of Naked Justice and co-founder of ClassComics, was pure happiness.

Hope you guys will like it. :-)

Take care,


untitled21 copie

My first 3D print

Here it is!!

I finally got hand on my first 3D print of one of my guys…

So happy with it.

It’s not very big, 10cm (about 4 inches) high but the details are already quite amazing.

Only problem, even if the quality is good, it’s not good enough to be sold like this…

There are flaws (fingertips are not printed, a problem at the top of the baggy short, close to the hand, some little imperfection that need to be polished…) so it’s not professional enough.

I have to find a way to get something good enough to be sold but not too expensive at the same time…

This model here could be sold around 200$ if there was a series of 20 of them… And 200 is a lot for a 10cm model in my opinion.

I need to do some research about all that 3D printing world. I hope I’ll find something satisfying for you and for me!! :-)

I wonder what price you’d be able to pay for a model like this. Or for a bigger one.

I guess I’ll open a poll here or on Deviantart.

Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion.


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