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Thibault naked (with extra render)

Hello guys and girls,

Here’s the naked version of Thibault… So he’s not wearing anymore his Kicksagat underwear. :-)

And I did also an extra render.

I like this mix between reality of the lighting and the cartoonish face and body of Thibault. :-)

I will go for one more character… And then, I think it’s time that they meet each other. :-)

Tell me what you think. It’s good to have your point of view on my work.

Take a good care of yourself.


thibaultnakedextra1 thibaultsagatnaked copie

Thibault in Kicksagat underwear

Hello guys and girls,

Here is a new image featuring Thibault wearing a Kicksagat underwear. :-) Thanks to François Sagat to allow me to use the design of one of his underwears. You can find Kicksagat clothes here :

I guess I’ll do some more in the future.

I’ve also finished a work for a company… Mt first pro work as Albron. I can’t show it to you for now, but it will be edited in late August, so just in few days. :-)

So stay tuned for more.



Thibault’s torso

Hello everyone,

I was kind of busy these days doing a first job of a series for a company… I can’t show it for you now, but once I have the green light, I’ll do of course. It’s my first Albron pro job for a company. Very excited about this… :-)

Here’s a new image. Just a close up of a new character to come.

Hope you’ll like him. Maybe he will have some tattos later… I’ll see… :-)

Take a good care of yourself,



Theodore nude

Hello everyone,

Well, it’s been quite a night when I posted the first image of Theodore with my little game with the tattoos…

You were so many to comment and send emails asking for clues and proposing answer. That was excellent and it was nice to exchange with you like this.

I’ll have to do that again. :-)

Oh, and the day after that, there was a new record of views on my blog for one day : 8356 hits. The previous record was in 2009 and was 7353, something like that.

Anyway, here’s the naked version of Theodore image. Julien and AbsolutionJailor received it two days ago, and as promised, I’m sharing it here today.

Hope you’ll like it.



Theodore, the Hipster

Hello everyone,

Here’s my last image.
I wanted to see if I could do a complete image in less than 2 days. I did it, and I’m very happy. :-)

If I had all the time I wanted to work entirely on my Albron work, I’ll be able to do a LOT of images.

And my work process is getting better so I’m going faster also. :-)

Hope you’ll like this image.

More to come soon, with some great news. :-) Tadddah, suspens… :-)

Oh by the way, there is a geek egg easter in this image. I don’t think it’s easy to find but who knows…
If someone finds it, he will have the naked version of the image of this gentleman here. :-)

So look carefully. :-)


PS : You can ask me some clues in the comments, if you want.


The Hunter

Hello everyone,

Well, this is, I think, the most time consuming image I’ve spent time on… I never thought I would bring this image that far. It was just an anthro, manimal furry delirium… But it turned out to become a more advanced image that what I had in mind at first.

Hope you gonna like it…

Tell me what you think!! And if you find him a name, it’s cool because I just can’t… Or maybe I’m too tired. :-)

Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in Blender, hair system done in Blender too.

Take care,


Hunter copie